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After the Dash is a nonprofit organization that exists to provide educational, musical, and youth-group based scholarships to the community. It is also dedicated to raising community awareness about Bully Prevention and First Responder Mental Health Issues. After the Dash was formed April of 2019.
After the Dash was created because of who Landen Josiah Brown was in his short 20 years of life and who he will always be in our hearts and memories. Landen’s appetite for Christ and the way he uplifted others was awe inspiring. It has been said numerous times that when he had a conversation with you- it wasn’t just a casual encounter- you felt as though you were the most important person in the room. He had a unique gift of empathy. Not just sympathy: Landen had true, pure and genuine empathy. He not only wanted to understand what you were going through, he wanted to pray for you and help you get through it.  He never wanted people to feel alone, helpless or hopeless. His passion was to pastor to everyone he met. You always knew you had a friend for life.

The name After the Dash, is truly inspired by Landen. Landen’s parents knew shortly after he died that they needed to do something to keep his enormous light alive. They discussed so many ideas and ended one night at dinner reminiscing about some memories about their son and how his love for Christ drove everything he did. They recalled one Sunday after church they were driving home with their children; Breeanna (Landen’s older sister), Landen and Thia (Landen’s younger sister). Landen’s mom asked what they thought of the message which was about living in the dash between your birthdate and death date. It was about how important that dash is because it’s our opportunity to live for Christ. The kids just kind of shrugged a little which was pretty normal coming home from church since everyone was typically woken up early to get ready and out the door so no one would make the family late. Then from the backseat Landen asked, “What happens after the dash?”  Misunderstanding the question Landen’s mom replied, “Well, you’ll be with Jesus in Heaven.” Landen stopped her and said, “No, mom not me, I know where I’ll be, what happens to what I’ve started?” They talked then about what a legacy is and the day continued like any other day. Remembering that day Landen’s parents decided the best name to honor their son for the journey he was beginning was to name the foundation After the Dash.

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