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Bully Prevention was a deeply personal and significant issue for Landen Brown. Although it may be surprising to those who knew him in high school and college, Landen endured severe bullying for three years prior to high school. Despite the vicious taunts, harassment, and physical confrontations, Landen remained resilient. For someone aged 11 to 13, his fortitude was remarkable. Landen leaned on his faith; he questioned why the bullying persisted, felt anger, and struggled to find its purpose. Yet, he consistently believed that there was a silver lining in every situation, as detailed in "Landen's Story," which he authored during his sophomore year of high school.


First Responder Mental Health & PTSD  Our heroes require support, and we aim to assist by increasing awareness of the trauma they encounter daily. Let's work together to eradicate the stigma surrounding mental health issues to ensure our heroes continue safeguarding our community, state, and nation.

Educational Scholarships To apply for an educational scholarship, please obtain an application from the Counseling Offices of either Burlington High School or Burlington Catholic Central High School. Educational Scholarship Applications for the forthcoming college year are reviewed every April.

Youth Group and Musical Based Scholarships Organizations in Burlington, WI, are invited to apply for scholarships focused on youth groups and music to support students in financial need. Please send your application to After The Dash by emailing your organization's name, purpose, circumstances, requested amount, and contact details to Applications will be reviewed, and responses will be provided within three weeks of receipt.

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